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European CE Certificate: EN 149, FFP1, FFP2 CE 0194

American N95 Certificate: NIOSH N95

Australian Certificate: AS/NZS1716 P1 P2

Features and Usage

The fold flat active carbon high filtration dust mask with exhalation valve is different from frequently-used active carbon dust mask in the selection of materials and the method of making. Its main characteristic is easy to fold and convenient for carry. Its shape is novel and distinctive and its selection of materials is original. It can separate water fume and humidity and protect the high filtraction of the filter cloth.

Its applicable range is similar to the frequently used mask's. It is also suited to moist and water fume places. Fitting on the exhalation valve, it can help wearers expel waste gas in body better. Suited to sultry, moist and badly ventilation places.


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