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European CE Certificate: EN 149, FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 CE 0194

American N95 Certificate: NIOSH N95

Australian Certificate: AS/NZS1716 P1 P2

Features and Usage

The large size active carbon dust mask with exhalation valve has the unidirectional exhalation function of "only out not in". It is suitable for high temperature, high humedity and sultry places. It is more suitable for strong manual labor. It can efficiently separate low toxic gas, organic gas and sour smell and filter tiny dust.

Suited to chemical industry, chemical preparation, presticide manufacturing and spraying, solvent washing, auto building, auto maintaining, spraying lacquer, printing, refining oil, refueling, printing ink, dyeing, building ship, dismantling ship, cutting, electric welding, electronic industry, food processing, environmental sterilizing and other bad working environment.

This style of dust mask is designed to fit larger facial contours. It can make wearers feel looser and more comfortable.


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